The Million Pound Jewel

“That thing costs Plymouth a million pounds a year and it’s a complete waste of money!”  Barbara is eighty one and angry. I was surprised at her reaction. We’d been waiting at a bus stop on the coast path, overlooking Plymouth Sound – not far from where she’d learned to swim. But she was adamantContinue reading “The Million Pound Jewel”

Making Tracks On Dartmoor

For many newcomers to Devon – myself included – Dartmoor can seem a very inhospitable place. There’s no doubt that its remote, bleak location was a great place to put a prison. But it’s threatening wilderness can be tackled in relatively easy chunks, so long as you start in the right place. Thankfully, several publicContinue reading “Making Tracks On Dartmoor”

Yachties, Trust and Honesty

The last time I was in Salcombe I met The Levellers. Quite by random, they were playing at the very first Salcombe Festival, which must have been around 1998. This isn’t the kind of event that an indie, somewhat leftie band, would normally be seen. The lead singer, Mark Chadwick, joked that he “loves toContinue reading “Yachties, Trust and Honesty”