The Lakeman District

Live music is often best served in a pub, and you never quite know the standard to expect. Unless you’re in Plympton Saint Maurice. This pretty village has given way to urban sprawl to the north, with housing and industrial developments effectively merging it with Plymouth. But stay on the bus for a couple of stops and you come to a hidden gem : The Brook Inn. And tonight, it’s a bit busy.
The Brook Inn has recently been taken over by John Govier, a well known south west broadcaster. And what John has is some pretty amazing connections in the music world. Which means he can call on his mate, local hero and all round brilliant folk musician Seth Lakeman.
The Brothers Lakeman (there are three) hail from Buckland Monachorum, just up the road on Dartmoor. There days, Seth plays to sell out gigs in sizeable venues, and has gained an international following – performing at Austin’s South By Southwest Festival. So to have him down the village local is pretty impressive.

But you don’t have to be famous to perform at the Brook. The pub hosts a whole range of musical delights, from open mike nights to Sunday afternoon Sea Shanties served with cream teas.

It may not be every night that you have to step outside the pub and walk all the way to the other entrance just to get to the gents, but this place is gaining a loyal following.

And possibly a new regular.

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