Across the Water

It’s Sunday, so I guess I’d better mention Jesus. In Almeda – just across the water from Lisbon – it’s pretty hard to to ignore him since his image is 92 feet high on a 270 foot plinth. The Cristo Rei seems less popular than the city’s other attractions – there’s certainly a much smallerContinue reading “Across the Water”

“Obrigado” not “Gracias”

Madrid’s morning rush hour is every bit as chaotic as the evening one, and as any traveller knows, taking the Metro all the way to the airport can save you loads of money, but also involves heavy lifting, swift manoeuvring of luggage through annoyed commuters and ridiculous numbers of stairs to and from platforms. ItContinue reading ““Obrigado” not “Gracias””

I Hope You Like Jamon Too

After a night of New Orleans style blues at La Coquette, breakfast is on the menu. Actually, one of the few downsides of the hotel is that it doesn’t provide meals. But that’s not a problem, since Madrid is famed for its tapas bars, many of which conveniently open for breakfast. My favourites are thoseContinue reading “I Hope You Like Jamon Too”

I Guess That’s Why They Calle It The Blues

There probably aren’t that many blues singers in Madrid who really ought to be in New Orleans or Memphis. And, on first imprssions, I didn’t put Kiko into that category. But that’s before he started singing, along with Felix Holt and the Rebels in La Coquette. Just a stone’s throw from the Opera, this isContinue reading “I Guess That’s Why They Calle It The Blues”

A Night At The Opera

I don’t mind admitting it- I enjoy a little luxury on holiday. But when booking online you can’t always get the full picture of what your accommodation is going to look like in reality. Four star, central Madrid was my search – and it threw up all manner of corporate names, chains and prices soContinue reading “A Night At The Opera”

The Great Scanning Scam

Airports can be fairly routine affairs, and these days Heathrow Terminal 5 is starting to lose its initial charm of a glistening, glass encased building of wonder. The once highly personal, attentive service of national airlines like British Airways has gone – replaced by global automation. The latest layer of service to go is bagContinue reading “The Great Scanning Scam”