Highway to… Somewhere.

One of the easiest ways to get around Dubrovnik, beyond the Old Town, is by bus. And for about £3 you can buy a ticket that lasts all day. Where to go with that ticket is a different matter, as I enquire at the travel kiosk by the Pile Gate. “So it’s 30 Kuna –Continue reading “Highway to… Somewhere.”

Climb Ev’ry Mountain (by cable car)

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time to go up a mountain. Obviously. Namely Mount Srd, a historical site for all the wrong reasons. It’s strategic position overlooking Dubrovnik has meant it becoming a key location for some of the fiercest battles in the city. The most recent was the Balkan War in the earlyContinue reading “Climb Ev’ry Mountain (by cable car)”

Top Of The World

For convenience, my Old Town apartment is fantastic. For a lie in, it’s not. There are no vehicles allowed in its streets, but the early morning noise of metal trolleys clattering across cobblestones, taking deliveries to the local restaurants and shops, is enough to compete with that of any rush hour in London. Combined withContinue reading “Top Of The World”

A Polished Performance

If God had painted his own canvas, he’d have been hard pressed to come up with something as beautiful as Dibrovnik’s Old Town on a Sunday afternoon. I realise that this is a pretty bold statement to make, but it’s a wondrous feast for the eyes. Look up, forwards, downwards, it’s all good. And itContinue reading “A Polished Performance”

Old Town Charm

Arrival is Dubrovnik is smooth enough, although the final descent to the airport was just a bit too shaky for my liking. The combination of some turbulence, the coastline, and the hills surrounding the airfield itself made for an interesting landing. But you can’t argue with the views of the Dalmatian coast. Judging by theContinue reading “Old Town Charm”

Throne and Away

When it comes to cult TV I’m often late to the party. Sometimes I don’t even show up. And as such, I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. But apparently, it’s filmed in Dubrovnik, and that’s where I’m off to. At 4am. Early starts are always filled with trepidation, especially when you’re relying on public transport.Continue reading “Throne and Away”