Climb Ev’ry Mountain (by cable car)

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time to go up a mountain. Obviously. Namely Mount Srd, a historical site for all the wrong reasons. It’s strategic position overlooking Dubrovnik has meant it becoming a key location for some of the fiercest battles in the city. The most recent was the Balkan War in the early 1990s, where Croats fought for their independence against the Serbs – at a time when the area was still part of Yugoslavia.

In the queue for the cable car, one of the operators described how his brothers and sisters were evacuated at the time. He was just ten years old, a reminder that conflict was part of the very recent past of this beautiful place. And while yesterday’s views from the City Walls were pretty stunning, this tops the lot.


The summit of Srd has been extensively modernised in recent years, meaning not only great views but a nice spot for lunch too. The restaurant here is surprisingly good value given its location. Then again, we’ve all paid about £10 for the privilege of being here in the first place.


Back at ground level, the cable car is helpfully next to one of the main bus stops leading out of town. And today’s journey along the coast comes complete with another new game show, called Who Is The Rudest Local Person in Croatia? Two contestants vie for the star prize. The first is a man who only needs one seat, but insists on refusing to let anyone else near him, despite several elderly tourists having to stand. The second is a girl who gets on with a pass that doesn’t work. Some kind of deal is done with the driver for her to top up her credit on the phone. The second part of the deal seems to consist of her flirting with him all the way to Cavtat.

Which turns out to be a rather more pretty sight than her.


One of my guidebooks says that Cavtat is often compared to St Tropez. Thankfully with fewer French people.
And so back to Dubrovnik – this time by boat. Via some pretty bad historic town planning.

Who allows such things?

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