Old Town Charm

Arrival is Dubrovnik is smooth enough, although the final descent to the airport was just a bit too shaky for my liking. The combination of some turbulence, the coastline, and the hills surrounding the airfield itself made for an interesting landing. But you can’t argue with the views of the Dalmatian coast.


Judging by the signs in the arrivals hall, there are plenty of people here on package holidays or organised trips. I like to think of myself as the most organised disorganised independent traveller. I love seeking out my own flights and accommodation, and if it’s a daytime flight, using ultra cheap public transport to get into town. The airport bus drops you off at the Pile Gate, and then it’s a mad fight through the tourists to find your chosen lodgings.

In practice I get extremely agitated if things don’t run exactly as planned. So thank goodness for Viktor and Isabella, who run the Divine Apartments in the middle of the Old Town. A quick phone call and Viktor arrives within fifteen minutes. There’s no stuffy admin or rules, just a brief introduction to the apartment. For me, self catering has several advantages. For one, there’s no cut off time for breakfast as there is at hotels. Secondly, the arrangement suits fussy eaters (like me). And in the case of the Divine, it doesn’t get more central than this.

What you can’t see from this view is the bustling street below, crammed with enough restaurants to satisfy the most picky gastronome. And crammed it is, on a Sunday lunchtime, as another huge cruise ship pulls into port. According to the guidebooks, the best time to see the Old Town is once the ships have left. A good tip, which gives me time to chill out for a while.

Yup, I reckon I can comfortably call this place home for the next week.

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