Da Business

Once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself. And coming back to the UK from the States is almost always a disappointment in one way or another. So, when checking in at New Orleans and faced with a tick box to upgrade my flight to Heathrow, the temptation was just too much. From speakingContinue reading “Da Business”

A Reservation At The Preservation

Every night from about 7pm, a queue gathers on St Peter’s Street in New Orleans. There aren’t many venues in this town which attract quite so much attention, but the Preservation Hall is on the “must do” list of almost every guidebook. So it’s strange that on my three previous visits here, I’ve never got round toContinue reading “A Reservation At The Preservation”

When The Saints Go Marching In

There’s an old joke that nobody ever travels by train in America. And outside the commuting zones of the big cities it’s largely true. Yet as I arrive at Memphis’ Central Station at just after 0530 on a Sunday morning, there a handful of people are already lining up to board the service South toContinue reading “When The Saints Go Marching In”

Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch.

A friend once described Memphis as “just another Southern town”. And in many respects, he was right. There aren’t scores of skyscrapers dominating the downtown area, and some of the side streets can seem dead after sunset. But then, there’s always Beale Street. In fairness, this photo doesn’t do it justice. Certainly on visuals, this ain’tContinue reading “Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch.”

Towers, Trumps and Trash

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid politics in the States, and right now the fight is on among the candidates hoping to become the Republican runner for President. If you thought British election debates wre getting complicated, try watching a debate among eleven people, including the guy who built this little thing. The Trump Tower mayContinue reading “Towers, Trumps and Trash”

Meet Me By The Lions

You wouldn’t normally think of comparing Chicao with Nottingham but today I’ve seen two similarities in the stunning setting of The Loop. The area is the business heartland of the city, characterised by the elevated (El) trains which circle above the streets. At ground level, there’s a sharp division between the skyscrapers and the vastContinue reading “Meet Me By The Lions”

Boarding Pass Bingo

These days, I consider Heathrow as something of ritual rather than an adventure. I’ve learned most of the secrets – never pay for your travel within the perimeter road, always opt for a village pub rather than the hotel restaurant. It’s less about saving money and more about indulging in secret information that isn’t reallyContinue reading “Boarding Pass Bingo”