Eine Kleine Nachtmusic

“Y’know, we can’t believe it – every time we come to New York we find another neighbourhood where you just wouldn’t have gone to a few years ago – and then, you get somewhere like THIS!” The woman and her husband from Washington DC weren’t wrong. If you take the L Train to Bedford AvenueinContinue reading “Eine Kleine Nachtmusic”

The Right Side Of The Tracks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. First impressions count. New York is notoriously known as being unfriendly and impersonal – and the stereotypes are reinforced on arrival at La Guardia airport. “You stand DER and DEY’LL woik in an’ call your name.” I’m not sure if it’s a piece of helpful adviceContinue reading “The Right Side Of The Tracks”

A Date With Death

Everyone knows that they do funerals with style in New Orleans. The jazz cort├Ęge leading a parade through the street and all the showbiz that goes with it. And they may be gone, but they’re certainly not forgotten, as illustrated by the elaborate headstones in Lafitte Cemetery. Some of these memorials aren’t that old, butContinue reading “A Date With Death”

D-Day, Popeye and Satchmo

Louisiana, and in particular New Orleans, might not seem the obvious place to locate America’s National World War 2 Musuem, but there’s a good reason for it. The D-Day landing craft – known as the Higgins Boats – were designed, built and tested here. So it’s little surprise to see one taking pride of placeContinue reading “D-Day, Popeye and Satchmo”

Keeping It Real

The word authentic is often overused, especially in big tourist destinations. Businesses vie for a claim to be the “original”, the “first” or the “unique” and rarely are. So to search for the “authentic” side of New Orleans, breakfast is a good place to start. And the often overlooked humble beignet. Think of a doughnutContinue reading “Keeping It Real”