Jet Lag City: Second Leg

DAYS ELEVEN AND TWELVE – 31st March/1st April 2011 My flight back to London isn’t until 9.10pm, so I have almost a full day to explore more of New york. But the weather’s turned, and a cold wind and rain make it uncomfortable to walk about. Still, there’s plenty of window shopping to be done, even ifContinue reading “Jet Lag City: Second Leg”

Apples, Oysters and Strawberries

NIGHT EIGHT – Monday 28th March What the hotel lacks in character is more than made up by its location. I’m right on the corner of Central Park and Fifth Avenue, close to some of New York’s best known shops and buildings. Huge, expensive brand names shout from beautiful buildings full of beautiful people. But oneContinue reading “Apples, Oysters and Strawberries”

Union City Blues (and Country)

NIGHT SEVEN – 26th MARCH 2011   MUSIC CITY It’s Saturday night and already things are hotting up in Nashville, apart from the temperatures that is. Today’s rain and cloud has been blown along by a chilly breeze, and as I walk down Broadway the crowds are gathering at the local ice arena for aContinue reading “Union City Blues (and Country)”

God’s Own Country (and Western)

DAY 5 – 24th MARCH A relatively early start today for the 400 mile drive to Memphis. After my earlier experiences with driving from the airport, I wasn’t especially looking forward to it. But Axel’s looked after the hire car well – and I drive it from the car park to the front of the hotel.Continue reading “God’s Own Country (and Western)”

Meet the locals – a Crash Course in New Orleans

DAY 4 – 23rd MARCH I mean, who does a party like New Orleans on a Tuesday, or was it Wednesday? No, that was Tuesday. Anyway, it’s my final day in town and I think I’ve finally worked out the layout. I take the streetcar back down St Charles Street and walk four blocks toContinue reading “Meet the locals – a Crash Course in New Orleans”