Street Car to Crazy Bar


So after a lazy early morning I decided to do some exploring, and did some of the main tourist sites in the French Quarter. Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral are both pretty enough, but it’s the afternoon that provides the real treat.

The St Charles streetcar is the oldest and most popular in New Orleans. For just $1.25 you get to ride through the beautifully manicured Garden District of the city. But first, the challenge of getting on board. Crowds of tourists and locals alike jostle for position, whilst the driver tells us that there’s “plenty of room for y’all”.

St Charles Streetcar - get a seat quick!

If you thought the British were bad enough when it comes to keeping up with the Jones’s, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Garden District : Manicured to perfection

The streetcar got to be one of the cheapest and best ways of seeing one of the prettiest areas of the city. But as dusk falls I find myself back in the French Quarter and at a great little bar called Mollie’s At The Market. It’s so popular that even the pets want a beer.

Saucer of milk? F**k that, get me a pint!

Now I don’t mind the odd pub dog or cat, but back on Bourbon Street, things start to get a bit ridiculous.

Aren't they just ADORABLE? Oh my gawd...

And where do crazy cats (or goats and donkeys) end up? Cats Meow, of course, where tonight’s DJ is upside down with excitement. Yes, look closely at the picture.

Cat's Meow - a great place to hang out

What you can’t quite see is that she’s hanging on to a beam above the stage using only her feet. Others also want a piece of the action, even those standing outside on the street.

How much is that doggy in the window?

OK, it’s all going a bit Coyote Ugly now…

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