Jet Lag City


So after two beers last night I was ready for bed, but bed wasn’t ready for me, and neither was the French Quarter in New Orleans. Despite being a full two blocks away, I could clearly hear the DJ in Cat’s Meow karaoke bar introducing¬† singers until about 1.30am. And after that, the constant noise of air conditioning units and trucks recycling bottles semed to go on through the night. But at least the view’s nice enough, with my hotel balcony backing onto traditional buildings on Toulouse Street.

Toulouse Street by night...

And things didn’t look too bad in the morning either

... and by day...

It’s barely mid morning, but already temepratures are in the mid 70s (nobody uses celsius here) and it’s very humid. Still, with a nicely shaded balcony you can’t complain

Personal balcony, sir? Oh go on then...

OK, time to hit the tourist trail I think – there’s a streetcar named NewsMutt somewhere, I’m sure of it.

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