Blues and Choo Choos

NIGHT SIX – 25th March 2011

It’s time to bid farewell to Memphis, but before I leave, a visit to BB King’s Blue club on Beale Street, owned by the great man himself. he’s not playing tonight, but his house band are pretty good :

Got the Blues? These guys do...
The view from the stage

DAY SEVEN – 26th MARCH 2011

I’m not quite sure what kind of weather I’d been expecting on this leg of the trip, but this morning I was woken by an enormous electrical thunderstorm, crashing across Memphis during the early hours and still in action at breakfast time.

It all makes me a little apprehensive about driving to Nashville today but it’s a much shorter journey than the one to here from New Orleans. 200 miles doesn’t sound that far but in sweeping rain – and with 18 wheel trucks to negotiate – it’s a daunting prospect at first.

But once on the road it’s not too bad at all. Truck drivers here are sensible on the whole, sticking to the slow lane for most of the time on the two lane Interstate highways. And I’ve got more God and country music to keep me company – not least from the “real country station – 101,5 The Farm”. Yee hah. It only starts to get hairy around town and city centres. But traffic’s relatively light on Saturday morning, and I make Nashville in about three hours.

And what an arrival. Full pictures to follow later, but I’m suitably impressed by the Union Station Hotel on Broadway. My room overlooks the original booking hall, and whilst I wouldn’t classify myself as a train spotter, this could get me interested.

A room with a view in Nashville
Looking upwards from my bed - no, really!

This hotel will get a post of its own. at this rate, I may never see Nashville at all…

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