Czech Out Time

Over the last few weeks my timeline has been littered with the japes of various friends going off on holiday. Destinations have ranged from the predictable to the exotic, but none has caught my eye quite so much as a trip codenamed #opbratwurst.

I have no idea if tapping this into Twitter will produce any results, or at least any which can be published here, even though the journey – on the face of it – is perfectly innocent. Two friends travelling across Europe on an Inter Rail ticket.

In their mid forties.

I’ll be honest, I wish I’d thought of it first. There are no rules to state that three weeks worth of drinking, mixed in with the occasional cultural moment, should be restricted to students on a gap yarr. And why not? With a bit more disposable income, you can afford hostels without the “s”, and afford to take the odd hot shower. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous.

But I only have a week to spare, and some of that has already involved spending some much needed time with mates back home in Nottingham. So the destination for this short jaunt is Prague. It’s my third visit, so I’m already equipped with enough knowledge to get me around town without looking too much like a tourist. And yet, despite the technology all around us, I’m still a sucker for the humble printed guidebook complete with pull out map.

Although technology is playing an ever greater party in everyday travel. I need a two pin adaptor plug – the airport shop now autmatically sells them in pairs. This seems a little excessive at first, but a quick run through the electronics in my bag makes me wonder if two will be enough.


Working away from home for the best part of the past year,mIve missed the convenience of this. East Midlands Airport may still have the name associated with tiny aircraft being launched by bunjees, but it still have a great selection of routes which many other regional airports would be envious of. Plus, it’s just a short bus ride away from where I live. And on a weekday before the Easter holidays it’s relatively child free – though there are still a fair few parents running up a school fine against the hundreds of pounds they’ll inevitably save by getting away now.

Then again, Prague isn’t top of their list right now, which should mean a relaxing flight.

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