British Bashing Corporation

It doesn’t really matter what the BBC does with Jeremy Clarkson, because the printed press will do anything to discredit the Corporation. On a daily basis, you can search around newspaper websites and find countless examples. Take this contribution from the Nottingham Post. On the face of it,  a good news story – Songs of Praise brings its school choir contest to town. What’s not to like? 


Of course – a WHOLE STREET will be closed to accommodate toilets! What a great impression that gives. The article itself correctly points out that it’s not actually a very big street and that none of the local businesses are too fussed about it. The choir competition is a great story in its own right – but of course it’s the negative headline which grabs the attention.

BBC bashing is seen as a national sport by some publications, and 2015 sees their ultimate wet dream coming true – a General Election and Charter Renweal in the same year. The future of the Licence Fee has never been fairer game. 

Except the debate is rarely presented on a level playing field, and even though the example above may not have been deliberate, it’s the undertone that annoys me. The conspiracist in me imagines editorial meetings being specially convened to discuss which bit of Auntie could come under fire next. And yet it’s a rich seam of material – everything from the cost of talent (something any big media organisation has) down to an expenses claim for cabs or a sandwich (see above).

Naturally “the meeja” is entitled to debate and scrutinise because it’s public money at stake. Your hard done by, compulsory TV tax. Which MPs and the Diector General rightly say should now be reviewed. 

But come on, let’s have credit where it’s due. 

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