Tell Laura I Hate Her

I’ve made this point before; journalism is perhaps unique as a career where you can expect to be openly, personally abused simply for reporting what others have said. And as public figures, perhaps we should accept that strong differences of opinion are part and parcel of the job. It’s even harder when you’re part ofContinue reading “Tell Laura I Hate Her”

Can I have a “P” please, Bob?

Like music playlists, there is one aspect of our industry that can only be looked at subjectively. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to be impartial about personality. In recent months, it’s been well documented that BBC Local Radio is going through yet another period of attempting to define the “P” word withContinue reading “Can I have a “P” please, Bob?”

Rocks and hard places

I should open this blog with a disclaimer that these are my views as a Journlaist, and not necessarily those of my employer. The piece is meant as an observation of the relationship between reporters and their sources, and may well stimulate some debate on the subject. Since the start of the year, I’ve beenContinue reading “Rocks and hard places”

Mind Your Language

What do ISIS and The Daily Mail have in common? They both try to change behaviour through fear. I can’t claim the credit for that assertion. It came from one of my friends when discussing the Dail Mail’s latest hateful and untrue article where it’s claimed the BBC has banned the term “terrorist” when referring to IslamicContinue reading “Mind Your Language”

Ratings or Reputation?

Last week the latest audience ratings for UK radio were published. As usual there was more spinning from station managers than Alistair Campbell in a gym class armed with comedy plates. And, as usual, the raw numbers can never tell the whole story. In unashamedly blowing my own trumpet, I’d like to think that myContinue reading “Ratings or Reputation?”

A Matter Of Factual

Here’s a question. What actually constitutes news these days? Of course, there are as many answers to that question as there are listeners to your radio station of choice. And it’s long been claimed that “the news” is gradually being dumbed down by just about anybody from Radio 4 downwards. Targeting the news to a particularContinue reading “A Matter Of Factual”