Heading East

Ahh, East Midlands Airport; how I’ve missed you. I say “missed” in a way akin to missing a case of the squits. You never quite know when they’re going to come back, but boy do you know about it when they do. In fairness we should remember that barely two years ago flying anywhere fromContinue reading “Heading East”

Here’s the latest…

Atlanta knows its place when it comes to reporting the latest news about Covid-19, because it’s the global headquarters for CNN, the Cable News Network established back in 1980, long before anyone realised the potential power of a single broadcaster covering the entire planet. Its main building is on Ted Turner Drive – named afterContinue reading “Here’s the latest…”

The right side of the tracks

Monday, and it seems that more people want to use the train today than my previous encounters with North America’s rail system. Seattle’s King Street terminal is bustling this morning with two popular services. The first is heading all the way to Los Angeles. It’s one of those grandiose double decker units, complete with anContinue reading “The right side of the tracks”

Music To My Ears

The headlines are rightly focussing on the Government’s deal to make the BBC pick up the tab for paying the Licence Fees of the over 75s. But yesterday also saw a smaller, yet significant announcement that could ultimately shape one of the services the BBC provides to you. And it’s personal, because it happens toContinue reading “Music To My Ears”