Gate 13

After an additional day in Malta, I was ready to go home. But several twists of fate meant that home wasn’t quite ready for me. The flight to Manchester was scheduled for 1230, but at check in passengers were told that it had been delayed – perhaps by an hour or so. Not a problem.Continue reading “Gate 13”

Blimey – it’s only Peter Andre!

Saturday – and just a few hours before the big event. But first, a visit to Mdina, a beautiful hilltop location known as The Silent City. Which would be lovely, were the silence not broken by a herd of German schoolchildren and the light construction taking place next to the gate. Still, we didn’t letContinue reading “Blimey – it’s only Peter Andre!”

A home away from home

“That seat you’re in there. That’s where Oliver Reed had his last drink before he died.” It’s exactly the sort of tall story which I love telling American tourists in Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem in Nottingham. Anything mythical will do really. Robin Hood, Princess Diana – it all works. But back to Valletta. AndContinue reading “A home away from home”

A bus, a murder and a beer

After a pleasant afternoon wandering along the promenade and sampling a couple of local beers, attention turns to the nightlife. This is one of the few evenings when – possibly – I’m not likely to be overwhelmed by all things Eurovision, since the Malta Song final is a couple of days away. And yet, theContinue reading “A bus, a murder and a beer”

Manchester : Service With A Frown

Jasper Carrott used to do a great comedy routine about East Midlands Airport, berating its basic facilities. He’d joke that the aircraft were so old they were launched by bungee. These days, East Midlands is owned by the same group as Manchester Airport, our departure point. And at 4am, it’s grim up north. The morningContinue reading “Manchester : Service With A Frown”