A Room With THE View

On the way to Malta, we flew over the alps. Here they are.


You know that feeling when you’ve read a few “mixed” reviews about a place before you arrive? Well, I’d not read a thing about the Bay View Apartments in Gzira. And I’ll admit that I was just a bit apprehensive when the hotel receptionist guided us out of the main building and into a small entrance next to a fried chicken shop. To be honest, it was like being back home.

Except home doesn’t have a view like this.

20130131-131231.jpgHello Malta. You’re looking lovely.

Phil has pulled this one of, and in splendid style. NewsMutt himself is very impressed.

Now it’s often the case that rooms with this kind of view inevitably have some drawbacks. But I can’t envisage any problems whatsoever by having the extraction fan from the local fried chicken shop being next to the bathroom window. After a few local beers of an evening, it might be the perfect hangover cure. And handy for brunch too.

Or we could just stay in an admire the view. Which is rather nice.



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