Inter Rail – the practical stuff

I don’t usually provide a detailed breakdown of costs and plans for my trips because they can so quickly go out of date. But I thought you may find it useful to see how I constructed my InterRail journey, including a few hints of what you can do to get the best possible value fromContinue reading “Inter Rail – the practical stuff”

Munich – Wurzburg via Nuremburg

Last night a DJ didn’t save my life. But I did get a beer thanks to my recall of the 1980s kid’s TV show Fraggle Rock. It was a question in a pub quiz – presented entirely in English by a man from Cork – the The Keg Bar, described as “your international local”. ItContinue reading “Munich – Wurzburg via Nuremburg”

Budapest – Prague

It’s Thursday, which means leaving Budapest for my next destination. But before that, let us pause to consider one of a traveller’s greatest challenges. Having successfully booked a load of hotels and secured a decent rate for bed and breakfast, the mornings bring about a puzzle that the world’s greates brains have so far failedContinue reading “Budapest – Prague”