Brrrr…iliant Budapest

I’ve been travelling now for a week, and Budapest seems a good place to rest for a few days. I’ve visited the city a few times before, and I know there’s plenty to explore. So three nights is booked – as much to recharge my batteries for further travelling as anything else. My first eveningContinue reading “Brrrr…iliant Budapest”

Zagreb – Budapest (via Vienna)

The map above shows the route I had planned to take today. A two stage trip via the small town of Pragersko. However, there are four words nobody likes to hear, whatever the language. They are universally met with disdain, and instantly bring about a state of anger, or even panic. And when those fourContinue reading “Zagreb – Budapest (via Vienna)”

Ljubliana – Zagreb

Waking up to a very wet Ljubljana, it’s the first time it’s rained during this trip, which is at least something. But a change in weather conditions means more clothing dilemmas. I’ve packed for just about every eventuality, but this is the first time I’ve had to reach for a waterproof coat. I have aContinue reading “Ljubliana – Zagreb”

No yodelling at the back!

36 hours in Salzburg If you dislike music and chocolate, then Salzburg may not be for you. I joke, of course, but despite being steeped in all kinds of history, Austria’s fourth largest city is intrinsically linked with Mozart, whose image adorns many signs and windows here, along with his own brand of confectionary. IContinue reading “No yodelling at the back!”

An Alpine Adventure

It’s the morning after the night before, and reports of last night’s protests across France are all over the news. I heard sirens throughout the night, but there’s no sign that anything terrible happened, at least around the station and the hotel. The usually reliable OBB (Austrian Railways) website shows my first train to GenevaContinue reading “An Alpine Adventure”

Allez les travailleurs

In recent months, the UK has seen a number of strikes by both public and private workers. Doctors, nurses and yes, railway workers have all withdrawn their labour in a series of industrial disputes. Yet nobody does it quite like the French. And without resorting to cultural stereotypes, it’s a fact that the country enduresContinue reading “Allez les travailleurs”