A Tourist Trap(pist)


Having learned about the patron saint of beer earlier in the day, it seemed fitting to find out exactly what all the fuss is about. I have to confess, I’m normally a real ale kind of guy – and I mostly enjoy lighter, weaker beers. So the menu board at Le Trappiste presents something of a challenge.

Brews of up to 12% ABV are listed, and the most tempting thing of all is a tasting paddle – featuring are five beer – for 12 Euro. I opt instead for a (relatively) weak blond – the win hill outside has descended to -11c and, frankly, a few seconds walking in that is enough to considerably loosen the bladder. 

Yes, OK – too much information.

Inevitably on a trip – anywhere in the world – I’m usually guarantee to end up at an Irish bar. Tonight, it initially looks worse. An English bar.

Well, being News Mutt I could hardly ignore a place called Muttley’s. At first, it seems a world away from Le Trappiste, and other similar cellar bars. But actually, it’s still catering for the same crowd – the tourists. 

Situated on the slightly less fashionable ‘t Zand square (the one being dug up for renovations), it may not appear in too many guidebooks. But the owner Alan is very  welcoming. He bought the place in September 2017 and you can tell the place has been modernised. That’s the kind of thing that some may frown upon in an historic town, but it’s a casual, fun place.

And if you needed to make any more friends, Bar Des Amis – just behind the Markt – is also a great place, attracting a crowd of all ages.

Two days is probably just about enough to see and do all you have to in Bruges. In warmer weather, the surrounding countryside is littered with pretty little villages and other larger towns, like Gent and Antwerp. For now though, I’m heading to he capital.

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