A chicken, but no eggs


Sunday afternoons are best spent in a laid back manner, maybe combining a few drinks with a chat over dinner.

Or, if you’re in Texas, you could bet on exactly where a chicken is going to defecate.

For this is Chicken Shit Bingo, where a couple of hundred people gather each weekend to experience a world famous attraction. One visitor her is from Sydney, and told me she “just had to come” and see it. Quite why is anyone’s guess, but as the tickets for each round are sold, customers make their way from the parking lot (which also doubles as a social venue in itself) inside the small bar room of the Little Longhorn Saloon.

“It’s like the Super Bowl in here,” says one patron, referring to the scramble for the best views of the coop. Whole families pose for selfies, though with a typical round lasting less than five minutes, you’d better be quick if you want the bird in the picture.

The Saloon’s current owner is Terri, who bought it four years ago. “And I say thank you for this crazy game every single day.” And here’s the thing. The Little Loghorn is fair drive into the outlying part of town. It’s on a bus route, but most people bring their cars, making a specific effort to come and watch.

The small irony is that this bar is right next to one of the best fried chicken joints in town. But don’t worry, the birds are well looked after and show no signs of stress. It’s just another reason to Keep Austin Weird.

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