Living The Dream

Even with cloudy weather, I’ll never tire of this view. Which is just as well, as I’m going to be seeing quite a bit of it for the next few months.

This is the Devon coast between Teignmouth and Dawlish, one of the most scenic views from a railway carriage anywhere in the UK. You might remember the rather more dramatic pictures from earlier this year when the stretch of line was badly damaged by a landslide. Thankfully, it’s up and running – because for the next few months this will be my commute to work.

And so this is where the radio blog merges with the travel blog : a chance for me to effectively combine both with a secondment from my home city of Nottingham to BBC Radio Devon.

Behind the deceptively leafy entrance is a pretty exciting time for the BBC South West regional centre. Much of the place is a building site, undergoing a major refurbishment.

And it’s personally exciting for me, because my first journalism gig was just up the road in Exeter, at what was then Gemini Radio. The station taught me a lot of the skills I still use today – working to tight deadlines with ever tighter resources, the challenge of finding enough content to fill an all speech format (Gemini AM had its own half hourly daily news show).

And I can’t wait to reconnect to my radio roots, combining it with a nice bit of travel at weekends to explore this glorious county.

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