Serving Up A Cliche

I don’t often do requests. And I doubt that many of the relevant people will be reading this anyway. But here goes.

A plea to talk radio producers : tomorrow daytime, please spare us from the affliction that might be termed Tenuous Elbow.

Don’t get me wrong. There is much to celebrate in Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win. An extraordinary achievement that has enough stats to fill any number of hours of reflection, analysis and discussion. Breaking Britain’s 77 year duck is reason enough for radio stations to be full of Murray Mania for the next twenty four hours.

But inevitably, and undoubtedly for the right reasons, producers will now be desperately searching for a local connection with Britain’s newest sporting hero. It will start with the obvious : did you watch it? Were you there? How excited did you get? And then there’ll be the Forced Error : here’s the man from Countyshire whose great grandfather once mowed the grass on Centre Court in the same year that Fred Perry played. Finally, we’ll see the game, set and match of Every Talk Show Ever Broadcast : what makes you proud to be British?

Come on. The boy done good. That should be enough. Stick with the talking point you already came up with on Friday. If it was good enough then, it’ll be good enough tomorrow too.

It’s time for talk radio to grow a set of new balls.

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