Everything Everywhere. Sometimes. Perhaps.

There’s nothing like a glitzy launch of a new service to get those lovely people in the PR industry falling over themselves to clutter your inbox with interview offers, extra guests, last minute slots and – my favourite of all – localised stats to prove that you really must run the story.

2012 may yet go down as the moment in history when a proper internet connection finally reached your palm. But if you read beyond the optimistic spin from one network provider, you’re more likely to file it under D for disappointing. And that’s being kind. Personally, I’d put this one under B. As in the plan they need.

I don’t blame the phone companies. I really don’t. Just their approach to selling me, as a journalist, the product.

A press release arrived via email proclaiming that, today, 4G was being launched in Nottingham. One of only 16 UK cities where it would be made available. (Remind me, how many cities are there?). But then, instead of those crucial local stats, the press release went on to tell me to “insert city name here” and “add local stats”. Lame.

But hey, we can get over that, because said company were offering interviews with a local store manager to tell me exactly how 4G might work. Nearly.

If I wanted to film the interview for TV, I’d have to do it in Derby, as no 4G signal was available at the Nottingham store. Hmm – I guess honesty really is the best policy.

Look folks. I’m sure it really does work, and one day soon will transform the way we do business. Other networks are available, always read the label.

But please, PRs. Proof read your stuff first.

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