A Hyde-ing To Nothing

Day Two : 25th March 2012 – London

The more I get to explore London the more I like it. Up until a few years ago I always said that I loved visiting friends here but couldn’t stand to live and work here. Yet after a day travelling across the distinctively posh end of town, I’m growing to appreciate its beauty.

First, a walk across Hyde Park. On a sunny day, the world and his dog are out for a stroll. Actually, it’s more like the world and his entire pack of hounds. More specifically, dozens of yappie little mutts are dragged across the vastness of the park by overdressed owners, who almost certainly live in Kensington and simply LOVE catching up with the girls of. Sunday lunchtime.

The sunshine certainly helps, though the clear skies and brisk breeze firmly remind me that it’s still only March. By the time I walk across Putney Bridge to meet some friend for lunch I’m feeling the chill – and even contemplate an emergency sweater purchase. Fortunately, my friend’s girlfriend feels the same, and persuades him we’d be better off INSIDE the pub watching the river go by.

A lazy afternoon turns into a lazy evening, and the discovery of yet another part of Posh London. Little Venice, clinging to the Regent’s Canal just north of Paddington is a picture postcard in the evening dusk.

I’m here to see another friend performing an improvised musical. And it’s rather good. A bunch of strangers meet on a Friday evening and by Sunday they have the rough workings of a show. But the script, the songs and the plot are driven entirely by suggestions from the audience – most of whom are friends with the cast. As each performer has their own moment there are claps and cheers from the crowd. And it’s all done in a small theatre above a pub. It’s anything but a lazy Sunday for these guys, but the perfect weekend wind down for the audience.

Although for me, the real adventure hasn’t even started yet. Next stop, Heathrow Terminal 4.

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