Meedhupparu’s Got Talent

Day Seven : 30th March 2012 Mark made the first move. Someone was bound to do it sooner or later, but Mark actually took the plunge, and decided that he could do a better job at singing than the Official Entertainment. And boy, are the crowd happy. His rendition of Angels could easily pass aContinue reading “Meedhupparu’s Got Talent”

A Hangar With A View

 FOR THE LATEST PICTURES, CHECK OUT THE MALDIVES 2012 ALBUM ON NEWS MUTT’S FACEBOOK PAGE Day Four : 27th March 2012 – Doha To Male Like many airports which have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, Doha is undergoing a makeover. And being in an Arab state, it’s of palatial    proportions. Unfortunately, it’s notContinue reading “A Hangar With A View”

Let’s Get The Hell Outta Here!

    Day Three : 26th March 2012 I’m not sure whether Classic FM is the idea radio station to be playing in the breakfast room of a hotel largely catering for German visitors. Who needs Basil Fawlty when the playlist consists of a military piece which, I think, celebrates the Battle of Britain. That bodes wellContinue reading “Let’s Get The Hell Outta Here!”

All Change – Postscript

Day One : 24th March 2012 – Paddington, London. Arrivals are preferable to departures in my view. And my pre Maldives weekend in London proves the point. Albeit via the Ascot Hotel near Paddington Station. Now since I’m on holiday I figure the laws of libel and defamation don’t apply. However, since my employers may be readingContinue reading “All Change – Postscript”