Latitude, Longitude and Boredom

The Compass Centre – it conjours up images of latitude and longitude meeting – a fitting place to start a Great Journey. Or rather it did in my imagination when I booked a room at the Heathrow Aurora Hotel. I’d decided to start my trip in relative luxury – opting for four star accommodation rather than my usual three. And whilst the room at the Heathrow Aurora is spacious and functional enough, it’s just another hotel room in another place – exactly the same as most I’ve stayed in previously.
NewsMutt researching the trip

Still, at least the journey here was pleasant enough. Taking the London Underground used to be one of my favourite childhood pastimes. The wonderful colourful design of the tube map meant one thing for me : adventure. However, like many things the sense of adventure soon disappears once you grow up and have to start using the Underground for Real Life Travel.

So it was a nice surprise to be entertained by some on board buskers, or beggars as they’re sometimes known.

Buskers or Beggars? You make up your own mind.

No, I’m being unfair. They may have asked for money from the unsuspecting passengers but at least they were polite enough to work for it by giving us a couple of tunes first. The tourist instinct kicked in and I gave them a couple of quid. Stupid, maybe, but who said holidays were about acting sensibly?

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