Swedish Clefs and Wartime Oompah

DAY FOUR – THURSDAY 15th SEPTEMBER – EVENING I wasn’t joking when I mentioned starting the evening with some light chamber music. I’d considered a night at the Opera – but frankly the Opera House is a bit of a trek across town. Plus the words would be in Japanese or whatever language they use for opera.Continue reading “Swedish Clefs and Wartime Oompah”

Stockmann, Aching and Waterman

DAY FOUR : Thursday 15th September I’ve managed to wake up early today – and I’ve seen something incredible. Not long after sunrise, Tallinn actually had some sunshine. It looked like a perfect day for exploring a bit of Estonia’s coastline. And then it started raining again. Fortunately, my Tour Bus ticket last for 24Continue reading “Stockmann, Aching and Waterman”

Your Lux In

NIGHT TWO – TUESDAY 13th SEPTEMBER “Serge Gainsbourg – you might know him… he’s a famous French composer?” Greg Lami’s got a tough crowd tonight, at least when it comes to their musical knowledge. I think I’m the only customer in the Von Krahl bar who knows who Serge Gainsbourg is. Then again, I only really know himContinue reading “Your Lux In”