Monumental Krakow

It’s my final day in Poland, so just enough time to head beyond the Old Town and check out another market. The Stary Kleparz is Krakow’s oldest continuously operating market, having existed since the mid fourteenth century. On a chilly Monday morning, it’s mainly a local crowd seeking out the best bargains for fresh meat,Continue reading “Monumental Krakow”

Overground and Underground

Once you start looking into a city’s history, it’s pretty hard to stop, especially in Krakow where just about every building begs you to explored its past. The district of Kazimierz was once its own town, founded by – of course – Kzimierz the Great in 1335. Its importance became more defined when it becameContinue reading “Overground and Underground”

The Castle On The Hill

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Krakow, and with the weather forecast decidedly variable for the coming days it seems like a good time to get plenty of fresh air. This is entirely unconnected to the small hangover as a result of last night’s shenanigans at the Bull Dog Pub. Lots of cities have ancientContinue reading “The Castle On The Hill”

Here for the craic(ow)

The first thing that strikes me about Karakow – apart from it’s size – is the varied numbe of languages being spoken. If Wroclaw was understated as a tourist destination, Krakow has gone into full visitor overdrive. On my walk from the tram into the Old Town there are instantly five or six people walkingContinue reading “Here for the craic(ow)”

Stations, trains and silence

I’ve always enjoyed travelling by train, especially when the journey virtually takes you door to door. Wroclaw Glowny – the main station – is a short tram ride from my hotel. Whilst the exterior is certainly striking, it’s only once you get inside that you see the grandeur of the place. In most place whereContinue reading “Stations, trains and silence”

A Night Near The Opera

My hotel couldn’t be in a better place; just a few steps from the Old Town Square in one direction, and in the other, some of the biggest cultural buildings in the city. Given the ongoing energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, some countries have opted to dim the lights on landmarks, butContinue reading “A Night Near The Opera”

A Walk Through Time

Like the best of any Eastern European city, the history starts in the Old Town. And thankfully my hotel is just a few steps away from the Rynek – the main town square – and its impressive Town Hall. Developed between the thirteenth and sixteenth century, today it’s one of many museums in Wroclaw –Continue reading “A Walk Through Time”