Oh go on then…

It’s some years since I first did this, and it’s always been something I thought I’d return to one day. Except the last time was in Malta, where the sun shines in February and all is well with the world.

It’s just as well that much of the next three days will be spent indoors, as the top temperature today is a balmy -2 Celsius and there’s a covering of snow. Because this isn’t Malta, it’s Estonia.

More specifically, it’s the weekend of Eesti Laul, where this great Baltic nation chooses its entry for Eurovision. I’ve been here for about ten minutes and already it’s camper than Kenneth Williams chasing Duncan Norvelle around the room while dressed as Dame Edna. And NewsMutt has met Staggy

Staggy Rastamouse is the good friend of my friend John, who has persuaded me to join the highest level of geekery in return for a promise of the finest Eastern European culture and copious amounts of beer.

After a 6am flight from Stansted I’m looking forward to maybe a coffee and cake, accompanied by a walk around the historic sights of the Old Town. But Eurovision comes first. They take this seriously, with a full day of rehearsals in a 5,000 seater arena, which at present is mostly empty apart from the hardest of enthiasts, and the 12 acts competing for the big prize.

Including Valiharf, the backing act for Synne Valtrie. (No, me neither.) And they’ve forgotten their shoes.

I’ve a feeling this is going to take some time…

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