Leave means leave!

I’m leaving the EU. Not in the Brexit sense, but in the holiday sense. And in the holiday sense I will have left the EU before the UK has. Probably. To my readers outside the UK, all of this is likely to be highly confusing. To those readers in the UK is is unlikely to be any less confusing.

Which invariably makes London a good place to begin this trip. After all, it’s the heart of British democracy, and in recent weeks the media circus has camped on College Green, just outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, together with a very vocal array of demonstrators.

If you’re in the UK, this is the guy you’ve probably heard more than seen on the TV news lately. He’s Mr “Stop Brexit”, and along with interrupting live broadcasts with his favourite slogan, he’s become something of a pundit in his own right – working out which politicians are appearing on the various networks at any one time and shouting out their names, especially those who support the Leave campaign. 

But he’s not alone. Along the Green are a small but noticeable crowd of flag wavers, mostly in support of the EU. Occasionally, tempers are flared when different factions meet. But it’s overwhelmingly peaceful, and mostly good natured.

In the evening sunshine, with Spring like weather, this feels like democracy in action. But – at the time of writing – a petition for a second referendum – the so called People’s Vote – has topped 5 million. Yet in terms of actual democracy it holds very little weight and in itself is unlikely to make much difference.

On the other hand, NewsMutt has been making plans of his own at the hotel.

It’s definitely time to leave.

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