Buyer Beware

Occasionally, it’s nice to treat yourself. The problem is, of course, that treats are like an addiction. One that keeps saying “go on, you deserve a bit more”. And I fully realise that this is presenting you with middle aged, middle class nonsense,. But having sampled the advantages of Premum Economy on my last big trip, I’m hankering for more.

That’s hankering, not haggling, I should point out. I’ve paid for my Business Class flight, after previously trying every bullshit tip from every travel supplement ever written. Neither my birthday, my impending marriage (to an invisible partner), dressing up smartly, or claiming I’ve just weeks to live has ever grabbed me an invite to turn left at the aircraft door. (I should make clear I’ve never feigned a terminal illness, but man flu or a hangover often makes me feel like I’m never going to recover.)

However, even in Business Class it seems there are the “haves” and “have nots”. A few days before setting off, I decided that an extra night at the end of the trip might be nice (it goes back to treating yourself, right?). The travel company tells me that my not-that-cheap ticket “cannot be changed” because of “airline policy”. Ah well, surely those lovely people at British Airways will be flexible, I thought.

Wrong. It seems that even premium tickets are sold in different batches and as I’ve “benefited” from the “extremely generous fare” my return date cannot be changed without purchasing a new ticket. If you’ve ever looked at the rack rate displayed at a hotel’s lobby or in you room, you’ll know that nobody ever pays full price. Unless they’re on company expenses, which I’m note. A new ticket would cost twice the price of my entire holiday. Erm…. I guess I’ll have to just slum it out.

Via the loveliness of St Pancras.

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