Gozo a Go Go

There’s much more to Malta than just Malta. Like its smaller, and in many ways, better looking sister, Gozo. That probably sounds wrong on some levels – but you can’t deny the view on arrival by ferry.

Getting this far is a relatively easy task, thanks to a direct bus from Sliema, just down the road from our hotel. The journey itself was a combination of panoramic views of the coastline and precarious hairpin bends going in and out of Malta’s many pretty bays. One thing that strikes you about this Mediterranean landscape is the lack of any real beaches. Outcrops of rocks attract a few local visitors but that’s about it, at least at this time of the year.

By the time we get to the Gozo Ferry, NewsMutt is beyond excited, and insists on making the most of the view. And without a life jacket.

Like Malta, Gozo is big on history, mainly connected to its many churches. From the Citadel in Victoria, there plenty of more stunning views.


But it’s not all about sightseeing, as John stares deeply into his phone. This can only mean one thing : he’s got news of a hidden geocache in the vicinity. The subsequent minutes look like a poor man’s version of Treasure Hunt, sans Anneka Rice. But then, hidden in a wall near some dog poo, John finds the cache.

A couple of tips if you’re visiting Gozo. Your Maltese bus ticket won’t work here, but an all day ride will only cost you €1.50. And there’s much more to the sightseeing than just the churches. Such as the Cafe Jubilee’s little brother. And some more lovely Cisk.


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