Class Wars

Returning home from a trip is always tough, especially when jetlag is combined with crap weather, or more specifically “freezing cold it can’t possibly by April can it?” weather.

I decide to take the tube back to St Pancras from Heathrow airport – on the basis that I’ve paid for a first class train ticket home, which also means use of the first class lounge.

OK, it’s essentially comfy seats and free tea and biscuits, but after an overnight long haul flight it’s a welcome relief. And equally hilarious to wander in from the platform looking (and probably smelling) like a hobo. That’s hobo, right?

And yet it’s a good job I arrived in the morning, because East Midlands Trains have now started to charge “a small supplement” for using the lounge on advanced tickets during the afternoon rush hour. A quick tweet to the company suggests that it’s a question of capacity in the First Class lounge.

Well forgive me, but when was the last time you saw a full First Class carriage? What’s more, not one of the suits using the facilities this morning seem capable of closing the door to the freezing platform.

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