“Our entire Airbus 320 operation kinda fell apart today, folks. But we’re gonna be on our way all soon, and we know how to get you to New Orleans fast.”

The pilot sounded enthusiastic, but as tired as the 200 or so passengers cramming onto the delayed flight. But at last, we were on the way, finally landing at Lakefront Airport at about 11.30pm. Taking time differences into account, I worked out I’d been travelling for the best part of 24 hours.

But despite the day, the airport shuttle bus was efficiently waiting to take us downtown.

Cheaper than a taxi, and thankfully my hotel – the Maison Dupuy, was the first stop en route. The driver deserved his tip.

I was tempted – very tempted – to grab a coffee and shower and have a couple of late night beers. It was getting on for 1.30am, but this is New Orleans, where the party never stops. But despite being in the heart of the French Quarter, my room overlooking the courtyard had no interruptions from the wild party that was inevitably going on down the street. And I figured exactly the same would be happening on Sunday, so why the rush?

New Orleans is known as the Big Easy, and it isn’t hard to see why. At just after 8am, the sunlight started streaming through the curtains. Now this is the place for a wake up coffee.

They know how to do balconies here.

Now, it’s Sunday. There must be a diner open somewhere close by…

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