It’s Rubbish Because I Say So. Fact.

In the last blog, I referred to the growing use of the internet to offer opinions, though message boards and blogs. And whilst I’ve had my fair share of run ins with the BBC Local Radio Forum, I thought it only fair to respond to their interpretation of BBC Local Radio’s new evening show, which launched last night with Mark Forrest.

As predicted, they didn’t like it much. And perhaps equally predictably – as someone who works within the sector – I disagreed. But I was puzzled by one phrase.

“Ok this was a live time line on the New ALL England program on all local stations. It is a review without prejustice.” announced one of the Forum’s founders, and its principal moderator.

I have to say, prejustice isn’t a word I’d ever encountered before. You see, I don’t use big words I don’t really understand. I’m a pretty down to earth person. Somewhat under-educated, even. Anyway, from what I gather it’s another word for “pre-judging”. Which presumably means the jury’s out after night one of a brand new show, right?

Well, it would be nice to think so. Except this phrase – without prejustice – followed an opening salvo, minutes into the show:

“Ok , first thing to say is that Mark Forrest is a person and a human being, and it is quite tempting to answer his question, what local landmark have you tried to save? Of , course I would say the thousands of listeners who petitioned to save their own local BBC station? But am not going to email him with that, possibly because that would make him uncomfortable in his first few hours, but if he keeps on I just might”.

Absolutely no prejustice there then.

At least one of the other comments wasn’t just about the presenter. It talked about content. Sort of:

“R.I.P local radio – a guide to scouse, a patronising reach out and I’ll be there…………not fit to lick the boots of denis mc carthy.”

A valid opinion, of course. Although the majority of BBC Local shows at 7pm have been regional for some time, in some cases many years. And those of us old enough to remember would recall Dennis McCarthy being one of the first examples of a networked programme on BBC Local Radio.

If you’ve made it this far, well done. Indulge them some more by clicking on the link. But one final thought, remember – without prejustice :

“Have just looked at the internet responses to this show and have to report they are all negative. Extremely so, in many cases. I am not sure that this show can continue?”

Thing is, the internet is quite a large entity. I looked for myself and found some rather supportive comments, including :

I have lost my programme because of this, but genuinely enjoyed the new show.

Funny old world, eh?

Now, I wouldn’t dare to pre-judge what readers to this blog might make of it all. It would be akin to writing a show off after it’s first night, after spending the best part of six months slating it before its launch. That would never do.

(with prejustice)
(own views)
(NUJ hat etc)

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