Let’s Gerron Wi It!

The morning’s proceedings have been dominated by two significant events.

I say significant – to be honest they’re the only two things that have diverted my attention from a succession of speeches to do with the Annual Report, which consist of sometimes interesting information, but usually delivered with outstanding dreariness.

So, significant event number one. The General Secretary’s address. This should be a high point, a chance to rally the party faithful, and applaud the successes of the union in the past year. But it’s dogged by questions from the floor – led by those backing the alternative recovery plan. Given last night’s hostilities, the result is a polite applause for Michelle Stanistreet – the first time I can remember a conference giving its leader a sitting ovation.

Significant event number two. The NUJ logo in the centre of this picture falls down, hitting President Donnacha DeLong on the head.

Nobody was injured and nobody died. But it’s going to take something soon to breathe life into proceedings.

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