One View Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

As a postscript to this week’s earlier blog, it’s been interesting to see our friends at the BBC Local Radio Forum dismissing points made by members who disagree with its founders. Make your own mind up :


And then one of their supporters telling another member to “get a life”, an abusive comment supported by… one of the Forum’s founders

“Our lurkers”? Who could they possibly mean?

What’s more interesting about the last exchange was that Rod MacKenzie, a senior BBC Journalist, was explaining to others just how difficult it is to engage the youth audience in news. Further up the thread, Newsbeat was berated by one poster for leading with the story of John Terry quitting international football over the (then) missing schoolgirl in France. A healthy debate followed, only to be thwarted by the mystery Administrator :


Who exactly are they to say that “Radioman” would “probably have no children”? Does that make them any less qualified to comment on Newsbeat?

Anyhow, if you want to continue the debate about Newsbeat without fear of being lambasted, feel free to do it here.

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