Up On The Roof… and under the table

If Rome is impressive by day, by night it’s positively sexy. But in a laid back Italian kind of way. The groom to be, Tim, is hosting a drinks party on the roof garden of the Hotel Diana. At sunset, the view is stunning.



This is a chance to meet some of the other wedding guests before the big day. A great idea, as I only know a handful. Tim’s dad has pulled out all the stops laying on copious quantities of wine and some tasty snacks to soak it up with.

I’m not sure whether it’s an age thing or just the venue, but this evening can best be described as relaxed and almost civilised. By my standards anyway – even when 50% of the guests are journalists! Anyway, it’s a nice way to round off a pretty exhausting day of in depth tourism. And a good opportunity to see practising bits of his wedding speech.


Nobody’s quite sure what to expect tomorrow, and rumours circulate about the exact number of courses we’re expecting for dinner. Offers range from seven to twelve. “Don’t eat the nibbles – you’ll be full!” warns somebody. It also emerges that every last step of the service has been rehearsed to perfection.

Saturday morning emerges to confirm that my hangover was also rehearsed to perfection. So it’s time for some fresh air and a bit of train spotting.


Rome’s Termini station is a vast monolith of seemingly terrible design. The concrete frontage gives way to around thirty platforms. I’m pleased I came today, as I’ll be navigating this departure board on my way to the airport tomorrow.


But it all seems pretty straightforward. Gone are the days of trying to decipher confusing timetables. The banks of self service ticket machines do the job for you.


Now, there’s just the wedding to get through. What could possibly go wrong?

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