No Place Like Rome

I love September, especially when the kids are back at school. Not that I have any kids of my own, it just means I can go on holiday without encountering other people’s.

So holiday time it is, and this time I’ve opted for that classic two centre combo of Rome and Budapest. Actually, the first leg of the journey is something of a mix of business and pleasure, as I’m in Italy to see my mate Tim getting married.

But first, some sightseeing. One of the advantages of an early flight is a chance to do some afternoon sightseeing. And what an afternoon to do it it. Clear blue skies and tye Collosseum providing the perfect backdrop.

Rome turns out to be a pretty easy city to navigate on foot, though watch out for the cobbles. Like many of the sights, your feet will be in ruins.

I’ve paused there to wait for the laughter to die down.

Oh, here’s another impressive location, which, due to its proliferation of equine statues, I’ve named the Horsey Palace.



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