The Plot Thins…

So after a flurry of activity in this morning’s papers, it turns out we’re not expecting a briefing at all. In fact, the Controller of English Regions inists that the merger of Local Radio with Five Live has barely gestated, let alone been born.

From the controller

And, as I indicated a little earlier, it looks like the boss of Five Live is none to impressed with the notion either

5 Live memo

Double bluff? Triple bluff? Who knows. What I do know is that several Local Radio stations have been featuring this topic on their phone ins this morning. Nothing like a heated debate to get people going, is there?

2 thoughts on “The Plot Thins…

  1. Do you think the BBC is just testing the market to see what the reaction is likely to be? Obviously, there will be the concern if it is a realistic proposal, ie. the impact on programmes and staff. But the ‘rumour’ whatever it is or supposed to be will put the unions and the staff on their guard and from that we should be able to mount a campaign to nip the idea in the bud. Nevertheless, we must make contact with key folks to raise the profile.
    Chair, of the Nottingham branch of the NUJ.

  2. Absolutely Di – it seems pretty obvious now that they’ve rolled out the oldest management tactic in the book – give the public a worst case scenario and then soften the blow with what they really want to do.

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