You’re English – rescue me!

By the evening of day two I’m pretty confident of my bearings in Lille, so I take another stroll around the main square and then back towards Rue Messana to see if there’s any more cabaret on at Le Sherwood. Sadly, I’m disappointed. Nothing gets going in Lille until late evening, and at about 6.30pmContinue reading “You’re English – rescue me!”

Il Pleut. Et petit.

With great engineering projects come great big tunnels, and as the train races through Kent my ears are constantly popping as we enter and exit. I’m grateful for my old companion, the extra strong mint. The rest of the journey is pretty uneventful and my arrival in Lille is accompanied by a heavy hail shower.Continue reading “Il Pleut. Et petit.”

Bon Voyage

Security at St Pancras is pretty tight, considering that it’s just a train journey. Airline style scanners check people’s bags, but as far as free travel throughout the EU is concerned, the French customs man at the passport booth gives me a stereotypical shrug. Compared with the rest of the station’s grandiose, the Eurostar waitingContinue reading “Bon Voyage”