Pisa’s perfect piazzas

It’s our final day in Pisa, and although we’ve seen it from the outside, it’s time to take a trip up the tower itself. Social distancing means visitors are restricted to groups of 25 people at a time, which suits me rather well. I’ve been up towers around the world and one of the worstContinue reading “Pisa’s perfect piazzas”

Life’s a beach – and then you eat

The temperatures have dropped today to a chilly 28 celsius, so it’s time to head out if Pisa and to the coast. Once again, the train is our friend and in just 20 minutes takes us to the seaside resort of Viareggio. It’s famous for its annual carnival – and while the Pandemic has putContinue reading “Life’s a beach – and then you eat”

A city for explorers

Pisa is ideally situated to as a base to explore the region of Tuscany and beyond. And Italy’s state run railway means there are good connections to the rest of the country. There are no advanced fares or special deals, which makes booking tickets on the TrenItalia website a hassle free experience. One thing toContinue reading “A city for explorers”

A tower, two churches and a cemetery.

During these socially distanced times, welcoming thousands of visitors each day to a series of major tourist attractions is a balancing act. And in Pisa it seems to have been achieved rather well. Yes, there are queues for the tower, and you may have to book a specific time slot to visit some of theContinue reading “A tower, two churches and a cemetery.”