Access most areas

There’s no doubt that almost everyone in Budapest – and every building – is finely tuned to the tourist economy. If there are a few Forints to be made on top of admission prices, they’re there for the taking. But it’s also refreshing to see that some public places remain just that, such as theContinue reading “Access most areas”

Craft and Culture

Eastern Europe used to have a reputation of selling ultra cheap beer – and because of favourable exchange rates, and non-Euro currencies, it made places like Prague, Bratislava and Budapest increasingly attractive to booed up Brits on stag and hen parties. It ruined reputations in both directions. However, many visitors these days have become moreContinue reading “Craft and Culture”

Round the (Danube) Bend

The glorious Danube (or Duna in these parts) looks less blue than a sort of grey. But its importance in connecting several countries over the centuries can’t be understated. It was first used by Celts, until they were chased out by the Romans in the first century AD – perhaps one reason why Budapest is litteredContinue reading “Round the (Danube) Bend”

A pile of pretty bricks

There are many cures for a hangover, and after a late finish a combination of good weather and Budapest’s stunning buildings are a sight for sore eyes. They know how to do design here, and the winding Danube provides the perfect canvass for the Parliament. When it was created in 1896 – at a timeContinue reading “A pile of pretty bricks”