Take the weather with you

In recent years there seems to have been a shift in the hospitality sector. Hotels have taken a “back to basics” approach in order to save on costs – toiletries are not always provided in bathrooms, rooms are only cleaned on day three of a stay. There is, though, one constant that appears in justContinue reading “Take the weather with you”

Take it slowly. Very slowly.

Traveling from an airport into a city can be a challenging task. So it’s good that so many American airports offer shuttle services; a halfway house between an expensive private cab rise and the confusion of trying to find a bus that’s going anywhere near your accommodation. Over the years I’ve found the shuttle serviceContinue reading “Take it slowly. Very slowly.”

A bus, a battle and a beat

A day tour is always a good chance to explore the wider area. But as I’ve found over the years, the cheapest way is to organise the whole thing yourself. Websites offer trip out of Austin to San Antonio for upwards of $100. However, without a car, the DIY option is not as straightforward asContinue reading “A bus, a battle and a beat”

Dancing and Chicken Poop

“Keep Austin Weird” says the city’s slogan, and there are a million ways to do that in this city. But to prepare yourself for a weird weekend of entertainment, you need to line your stomach. And in around here it doesn’t get much better than some good old fashioned fried chicken. In many other partsContinue reading “Dancing and Chicken Poop”

A University and a Willie

One key addition to many cities in recent years has been the E-scooter. They sometimes get a bad reputation, and on a late evening in Austin it’s easy to see why. There are literally hundreds of these things darting about, often ridden by people who’ve had a few drinks. And there’s no shortage of choiceContinue reading “A University and a Willie”

Post pandemic blues

I’m belatedly writing this in September 2022, some six months after my first trip to the States post Covid. The whole world knows that everything ground to a halt for the best part of two years, and even though borders had been reopened, in March this year there were still a whole load of formsContinue reading “Post pandemic blues”